The origins of our name…
And God created the Earth!
And on the second day He separated the land from the sea. And on this day, many say in jest, He dropped all the stones in the Mani area. Hence the region’s characteristic abundance of marble and porous stone. The locals, however, did not let them lie unexploited. They tried to make use of them in their everyday life by carving them and shaping them into basin-shaped troughs. These are called "SKAFIDIA" and were used for feeding the animals or washing.
It is our large collection of such old troughs that has lent our houses their name. Obviously, though, we do not use them for washing!!


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Both of our traditional complexes are a labor of love and offer a welcoming, well-tended environment. All our flats and studios are furnished and fully-equipped, aiming to provide the basis for the best holidays possible.

With our long experience and many satisfied guests, you can be confident in visiting us.

Open the whole year round, at affordable rates.


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